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Love • Rose Quartz

Love • Rose Quartz

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Bergamot  Blood Orange  Rose  Jasmine  Gardenia  Vanilla  Lemon

Light our Love Crystal Candle to evoke feelings of romance, luxury, and a sense of well-being. The initial burst of bergamot provides a fresh and vibrant opening, followed by the romantic and floral notes of rose and jasmine. Gardenia adds depth and a touch of exoticism, while vanilla provides a sweet and comforting undertone. The overall result is a fragrance that is both elegant and inviting, with a blend of floral sweetness and warmth that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Whether lit for a special occasion or during moments of self-indulgence, it transforms any space into a sanctuary of sensory delight.

Rose Quartz is often associated with matters of the heart. It is considered a stone of unconditional love, making it a popular choice for enhancing relationships, attracting new love, and fostering self-love and acceptance.

The Crystal Collection is designed to inspire, to relax and promote self care. Each candle is a custom blend, topped with a hand selected crystal. The amber jar creates a soothing glow, and comes with a matte black metal lid.

400g soy wax | 60+ hour burn time | double cotton wicks | phthalate/paraben-free fragrance | crystal

    Made with:

    • 100% natural, Australian made soy wax.
    • 100% phthalate/paraben-free, Australian made fragrance.
    • Two flat, braided, cotton wicks.
    • A hand selected crystal.
    • Love.


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    Care & Instructions:

    • Trim your wick to 6mm before every burn
    • Remove your crystal before burning
    • Don't burn your candle for longer than 3 hours
    • Never leave your burning candle unattended
    • Keep out of draughts
    • Keep the melt pool free from debris
    • Let the melt pool reach the edge for the first burn
    • Keep your candle away from flammable/porous surfaces and electrical appliances
    • Discontinue use when wax reaches 10mm from the bottom
    • Store your candle in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight when not in use
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